The scales reflected the horror story of my attack of the hungers last night, this morning I was heavier than ever. I wandered into the kitchen and made a plain omelette whilst reflecting on last night’s dieting disaster. I’ve successfully managed to fast in the past without a massive attack of the hungers but last night was different. I’ve no idea why. I might give it a go later in the week to see if I can but I’m now feeling a little wary of not eating (or rather eating very little) for a day.

Screen wash

I ran out of screen wash on the way to work today. This lead to the windscreen slowly being covering in a thin white film that I had no chance of removing. I resisted the urge to turn the windscreen wipers on as I know that this would have made the problem worse. I made a mental note to buy some more screen wash at lunch time.


There were far too many choices for screen wash I wasn’t sure if I wanted the stuff that goes down to minus 10 or minus 5. I went for the minus five as it was a blue colour. Then I had to decide how much I wanted. The stuff lasts for ages but I had no clue on how large the screen wash reservoir was. At least I knew that I wanted the premixed version as I wasn’t about to get water from work. I filled up the reservoir on the way back to the office. This is how I found that I should have bought the smaller size. I was also particularly unimpressed that there was an electrical connection socket thing directly under the filler cap. It was in exactly the place where any spillages would drop. It was very wet by the end of the filling exercise.

The Hungers

I had another attack of the hungers when I got home, it wasn’t as bad as last night and involved an avocado and some cheese. I managed to keep them at bay as I intended to get on the bike trainer and didn’t want to feel ill.


I did my usual threshold set on the bike trainer and ended up as a sweaty mess. I regretted eating the avocado and cheese too as that was all I could taste throughout the session. I wasn’t that hungry when I got off but had some soup anyway.


I was amazed that even with the attack of the hungers I was within my calorie goal today, and that doesn’t take into account any exercise. It’s the first time for a while that I’ve managed to do that.



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