I had no desire to rise from the warm bundle of duvet and cat that had gathered round me during the night. Even my feet were warm due to wearing a thick pair of socks. Eventually I was forced to make my way downstairs by a combination of guilt and a full bladder. I stopped by the scales on the way to the kitchen to find that I’d lost a kilo during the night. My dry throat told me that this was more due to dehydration than my ongoing failure to diet. A cup of tea sorted out the dry throat and a plain omelette held back the hollow feeling.


The path to the car was thick with slippery ice. I gingerly slipped towards the car and fervently hoped that the main roads weren’t as slippery as the paths.

Traffic lights

Yet again I forgot that there were traffic lights on the main road to the motorway. The clue should have been the number of cars turning up the smaller parallel side road. I only realised this when it was far too late to do anything about it.


When I got to work, I found that I’d left my security pass at home. It’s not a big problem, it just means that I have to go to front reception and sign in. It is however mildly annoying and not something I like doing on a regular basis.


I went along then down today and returned the same way. This route took me past a table heavy with cakes and other baked goods. This made me feel hungry. They were still there on the way back. I was tempted to take on but knew that it would have been frowned upon if I had.


I managed to get to the pool today for a gentle swim. The lane was empty when I entered but soon after I saw someone slip in and start breast stroking. I checked it was the fast lane, it was. Luckily he observed pool etiquette and waited at the end of the lane to let me pass. Soon after I was joined by a woman, then another, but the man had disappeared. Whenever I got close to one of the women they stopped at the end of the lane to let me pass. This made me happy. At the end, I felt I’d done a relaxed long swim but my watch told me that it had been quite quick. That made me happy too.


I had a session on the rollers tonight. The idea was to peddle at a constant rate whilst wobbling about. It’s meant to introduce bike handling skills. I’d put the rollers a little too close to the wall so I was continuously bumping my elbow and making myself wobble. When I finished, my legs were as wobbly as ever but I didn’t feel like I’d put in an excessive effort. This is a sign to increase the duration.


It was day two of the chicken and broccoli soup and it still tasted good. It filled all the holes and helped rehydration, as did the cup of tea I had afterwards.


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