Getting out of bed is getting harder every day. I laid there for at least fifteen minutes trying to think of reasons why I should stay in bed before submitting to the inevitable and emerging in to a cold room. I wandered downstairs to find another kilo had gone missing during the night and to eat a plain omelette.


Someone had left a block of chocolate on the desk next to me. It was a Ritter Sport Kakou Mouse with three blocks missing. I knew that the person who left it was not coming back and the chocolate was laying there unclaimed. I resisted for half an hour. After that I couldn’t help myself. It took seconds to inhale the remaining blocks. I felt I had sabotaged my mornings weight loss.


I wandered to the pool at lunch time via the top corridor and stairs. I had planned a threshold set today: medium fast repeats timed with a metronome with a short rest in between. It started well but went the way of the pear on the last interval. I couldn’t keep up with the beep and didn’t finish until well after the last beep. I was still deeply satisfied with the set. I returned to my desk via the lower corridor and stairs. Now I’m thinking about it I’m trying to mix it up a bit. I’ve no idea why but it makes me happy.


I’m starting to gather tasks at work, this is both a good thing and a bad thing. It’s good that I have something to do but it leaves me less time to do the other things I want to do.


I went out for a meal with a fiend this evening. After a series of texts, we settled on Indian mainly as I couldn’t be bothered to cook. We went to my favourite curry house in the next village. It’s main point of interest is the vast number of fish tanks. They are in the walls, in the floors, between the tables and in one case the tank is actually the table. We sat there tucking into delicious food and put the world to rights. I feel that we made a small impression on global wellbeing.


It’s amazing how soporific a large curry and two pints of Cobra lager can be. I think I fell asleep as I walked up the stairs to the bedroom.


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