My morning visit to the scales was even more dispiriting than normal. I am now heavier than any time in the last. I know some of it is transitory and my weight will come down again but that is not the point. I should be getting lighter. Instead I’m seem to take the weight off during the week only to put it back on at the weekends. I need to reassess my plan. This one is rubbish.


We had a department meeting today in a hotel. The top brass from head office were there so it was felt they had something important to say. How wrong the rumours were. It was just the usual endless unreadable PowerPoint slides presented in a variation of awful to a listless audience in an over warm room. I did not enjoy the experience and resented losing my lunchtime for something I deemed as having no value


I’d decided in the middle of the afternoon that I wouldn’t get on the bike this evening. I don’t usually train on a Monday so I saw no reason to train today. Besides I was tired and felt that rest was a better option. I had my lunch for dinner as I’d not had it for lunch. I’d had a couple of apples for lunch as I didn’t feel hungry. The bean and chicken salad was just enough.


I didn’t even try to stay awake. The tiredness pushed me to the bedroom and forced me under the covers. It was glorious.


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