I wasn’t enthusiastic about breakfast this morning so I skipped the solid part and made do with a couple of cups of tea. I was going out on a corporate conference today and knew there would be an endless supply of food that would be hard to resist. Skipping breakfast was the closest to dieting hat I would come today.


I use an old phone as a satnav, mainly because it works. This time however it didn’t. It took me a while to work out why. I’d taken the memory card out a few weeks ago as I thought it would have been more use in a camera. I’d forgotten that it has the maps on. Once I’d figured that out the rest was plain sailing


The cups at the venue were far too small, they held about a thimble full of tea. This is far to little in my opinion. I need tea to operate efficiently and this was not being supplied in the industrial quantities that I require. I had many refills


After what seemed like a millennia of corporate propaganda there was a subject that I had a vague interest in. I braved asking a question. I thought it was an easy question to answer. I didn’t want to cause too much trouble. The answer was glib and showed a complete lack of understanding of the subject. It annoyed me that they could talk on the topic for so long but have no real interest in it. I tried very hard not to show my displeasure. I may have failed.


For one the sandwiches on offer looked good. They were made from a decent bread, not mass produced square rubbish with the corners cut off. This made a pleasant change from the usual meeting fare. The chocolate brownies that followed were divine. They had the proper mix of crunch and softness mixed with a rich chocolaty taste. I ate far too many of them than is healthy.


The afternoon consisted of far too many short sessions of being bombarded with powerpoint presentations. I tried to feint interest but by the second I lost the will to participate and drew pictures on PostIt notes instead.


We were released into the wild at 4:30 but due to hideous traffic and a number of accidents and an abandon car I didn’t get home until 7:30. My will to do anything vaguely active had been sapped. I sat on the sofa and drank tea. It was about all I was good for.

The Hungers

The hungers hit me just after nine. I was reduced to eating out of cans to quell them. A tin of Mackerel was followed by a tin of rice pudding. There was nothing else left. Mackerel and rice pudding do not mix very well.


I felt out of sorts. I’ve been feeling like this since Sunday. I gave up on wakefulness and went to bed. Life always looks better from under the duvet.


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