I am exactly the same weight as yesterday. This is a good thing as it means the conference food and attack of the hungers have had no effect on this morning’s number. I still feel bloated and I’m not happy about the food baby I can see when looking in the mirror but at least it’s not getting any bigger at the moment. I didn’t feel like breakfast this morning so the eggs live to fight another day.


I met up with an old colleague for a cup of tea and a catch up. We sat in the staff canteen and shared the news of our recent pasts. It was only meant to be a short catch up but it extended into the lunch break. It gave me an excuse not to go swimming. I didn’t feel like swimming today, it was raining.


I needed to get on the bike tonight. I didn’t want to but I felt I should. I’d been suffering from a little bit of lethargy over the last few days and I needed something to kick myself out of it. I did a straight forward threshold set but made the mistake of eating before I started. This led to a few moments of doubt about half way through but luckily, I managed to keep going without making a mess.

The hungers

I was attacked by the hungers later in the evening. The last tin of Mackerel and a small tin of sweetcorn emptied rapidly. It kept them at bay again but I didn’t feel good about it.


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