I didn’t feel like eating breakfast this morning as I still felt full from last night, so I made do with a cup of tea. I was happy that I was a little lighter than last week but I wasn’t counting it too highly as I was on the bike trainer last night.


The motorway was empty this morning. I could have stayed in bed a little longer. I got into work far too early.


My mornings diary was empty for this morning. I was happy about this as it meant that I could just get on with the dull paperwork things. A lot of people “work from home”on Fridays which makes it a good day to send chase e-mails. They get one of two reactions: answered immediately or not answered until Monday. It’s a good way to understand who takes the “working” in the working from home seriously.


I wandered to the pool at lunchtime. I am always surprised at how empty the pool is however it’s going to be half term soon and that’s when the madness starts. My plan was to do a threshold set; 200 meter repeats at a medium fast pace. As usual is usual for a Friday the water was normal than normal. This time though the higher powers that control that sort of thing were cooling it down. I knew this as cold water was entering the shallow end. There was a cool patch that got larger and larger throughout the set. The temperature was tolerable by the end of the session.


I slipped off early because I could. I decided to get some vital supplies on the way home. This meant visiting the horrible supermarket. I can’t quite understand why I don’t like it, It’s just like any other supermarket but just slightly worse. It feels a little dirty and untidy and it never seems to have what I want. At least my dislike of this supermarket means that I do my shopping really quickly.


I got on the rollers tonight as I’m going to have a chance at any exercise at the weekend. I also put a chicken in the oven so that my weekend meals would be easy to prepare.


I put the chicken on the side to cool down and went into the lounge to do other things. After a while I became aware that the cat wasn’t in the room. The more I became aware of this point the more I became aware of no noise coming from the kitchen. This could only mean one thing. I tip toed into the kitchen to find the cat trying to pull the chicken off the counter. I politely but firmly requested that she should stop doing that.


I intended to have an early night but I got distracted by my computer and the internet. I ended up going to bed far too late.


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