The alarm went off at the usual time but that was far too early for someone who had a late night. I avoided the scale and breakfast as I didn’t feel like facing reality so early in the morning.

Sat Nav

I’d looked up the route so I have a vague idea of where I was going. I was quite surprised that the SatNav took me up along another road. I just went with it as I couldn’t be bothered to argue with a machine. I thought that the place I was going was south of the river, crossing to the north side surprised me a little. It did take me to the right place even though I felt it wasn’t


The workshop was in a small industrial estate. This was where, over the next two days, going to build a bike out of bamboo.

Front Triangle

The course started with the obligatory health and safety chat and then we go on with the business at hand. We selected bits of bamboo from the bin in the corner to make the front triangle. Then it was a matter of cutting the bamboo in various ways to fit together to make the front part of the bike. It took a surprising amount of tea and chocolate biscuits to get this bit of the bike constructed.


Lunch time came quickly. We went to a local café next to the canal. It was a little on the trendy side and based in some sort of arts workshop. I had a very nice bacon and egg sandwich that wasn’t spoilt by the trendiness of the place.

Rear Triangle

The afternoon was taken up with cutting and shaping the parts for the back bit of the bike frame. It was nice to be making something. I felt very much like a man in a shed making things. By the end of the day I had something resembling a bike sitting on the bench. It was tacked together with epoxy resin, tomorrow we will be making the joins.


The SatNav took me home a different way to the way that I came. This surprised me a little but then again, my SatNav if full of little surprises.


I had chicken for dinner, on a bed of vegetables. It took seconds to prepare, but to make up for that I made a chicken stock out of the carcass. The house smelt pleasantly of chicken after that.


I was surprisingly tired this evening so I gave up and went to bed. Sometimes life can be just too exciting.


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