The variation in my weight always astounds me, today it has plummeted five hundred grams. This puzzles me and pleases me in equal amounts. I celebrated the loss with an omelette complete in the knowledge that it was most likely a temporary situation.


Even though I’d brought my swimming stuff with me I had no intention of going swimming at lunchtime. I went to a meeting instead. It was about doing a company running event that I had a vague interest in. The main problem was that I had no idea if I was going to be able to run pain free by the time of the event. I was still curious about the event.


I got onto the bike trainer when I got home. I had a good, hard, sweaty session on the bike. The aim was to keep my heart rate reasonably constant throughout the main set. I did feel a little wobbly when I got off. I took this as a good sign.


After a shower, I made up some coleslaw and had it with the remainder of the chicken. It was a bulky meal with few calories. I felt that this was a good thing but regretted it halfway through the washing up when I started to feel hungry again.


I tried to distract myself by playing on the computer but it was futile. There were unattended FruChocs in the house. It was too late to gouge myself on the but I still managed to make a sizable dent in the packet.


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