I laid in bed for a long time after the alarm went off as I knew that I didn’t have to get up quite so early today. The house was cold and I was warm, this kept me in bed as well. Eventually I knew that I had to force myself into the vertical and start the waking day. It was at that point that I found quite how full my bladder was. After remedying that situation, I found that I’d mislaid another six hundred grams during the night and that this put me right on the kilo. Part of me wished it was just a little more so that I could have lost a whole kilo, the rest of me realised that this justified having a few FruChocs to supplement my plain omelette.


I don’t like going to the dentist, which is why I go regularly. If I didn’t I wouldn’t go at all. I don’t like having meatal objects poked around my mouth and the high pitch whirring of some of the tools sets me on edge. The whole visit for a check-up and clean leaves me drained and exhausted. The dentist didn’t find any problems and for that I was grateful. If she had I would have had it sorted straight away, working on the assumption that if I left it it would be much more painful to correct. I had to sit still in the car for five minutes just to calm down enough to drive to work.


My lunch break was covered in meetings and that negated the possibility of going swimming. Even if I’d had the chance I probably wouldn’t have gone as I was late in this morning.


The hospital called during a particularly dull meeting that I was listening to. They wanted to arrange an MRI scan for tomorrow. Before they made the appointment they asked a whole series of questions that boiled down to one thing: was I ferrous. I was happy to report that to the best of my knowledge my body wasn’t magnetic in any way. I now have an appointment with a large magnet tomorrow.


When I got on the motorway it felt empty, but then just after the next junction it stopped. I sat there for what seemed like an eternity nudging forward slowly. I hate journeys home like that. It took nearly two hours of stopping and starting before I made it home. It didn’t set me up for a good evening.


Even though I’d planned to get on the rollers tonight the last vestiges of willingness had been knocked out of me by the traffic. I attacked the FruChocs instead. I knew that I would pay for that in some way later but my rational was that once they were gone I wouldn’t be able to eat them again. I followed the chocolate attack with some coleslaw and tuna. It was a sop to health but it didn’t salve my unhealthy feelings.


I got fed up with the day and went to bed. Sometimes days wear out far too quickly.


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