I avoided the scales this morning, I wasn’t in the mood to have either good news or bad news delivered to me so early in the morning. I worked my way round a plain omelette and drew up a shopping list for later. I needed food and there was a busy weekend ahead so shopping on the way home seemed like a sensible plan.


The journey to work was relatively benign but the car started asking to be fed. I dropped into the petrol station near work to fill up. Whilst I was putting petrol in the tank I wondered why petrol stations are allowed to show prices with 0.9 on the end. It’s always 0.9 and is so obviously, a ruse to make it look a penny cheaper.


I took myself to the pool at lunchtime for a gentle swim that turned into a not so gentle swim. I was expecting the pool to be more full than it was but I ended up with a lane nearly to myself. This meant I could exorcise my inner speed monster and thrash up and down the pool at speed. This made me happy.


I slipped off early today as I had an appointment with a large magnet. I’d allowed plenty of time but arrived with only a few minutes to spare due to the Friday traffic. I thought I would have missed it by starting earlier. I didn’t.


I’d been booked in for an MRI scan so that the consultant could see even more of the interior of my foot. After another series of forms to confirm who was paying and that I was non-ferrous I was asked to change into an unflattering hospital gown and ushered to the machine. It was a lot bigger than I had expected. The technician told me that my job was to stay still as he strapped my foot into a restraint. He then gave me a pair of head phones to blot out the noise and retreated from the room telling me to relax. I may have relaxed a little too much as in what seemed like only a moment later he came back in the room and woke me up. It was all very painless.


I went to my usual supermarket to get the vital supplies and some other not is vital supplies. I’d left the list on the kitchen table but because I’d written it down I was able to remember that hot cross buns were not on the list. I bought them anyway.


After shopping I went to my German lesson. Yet again I’d failed to do any homework so I wasn’t expecting great things. I really have to evaluate why I’m continuing with German as I am giving it a very low priority at the moment.


I got home from German feeling shattered. It had been a long day.


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