When I first looked at the clock it was six in the morning, when I looked at it a moment later it was eight. I struggled to get my body out of bed. It was feeling a little used after yesterday’s ride and I was starting to regret committing to swimming this morning. I fortified myself with a poached on a toasted roll and hoped that that would be enough to provide warmth for the cold water.


Cate and I were greeted by the news that the water in the pool was nine degrees. Cate told me in no uncertain terms that I should only do a kilometer. That was fine by me, I wasn’t planning on an epic swim today. It was cold getting in but as usual, after the first length, my body adjusted to its new environment. It was still cold but tolerably so. I did my twenty lengths and knew it was time to get out when the people in wet suites started passing me too frequently. The shivers took a little longer than normal to arrive.


We wandered to the café for some warming eggs and beans on toast. As we were heading out some one started talking to me. They seemed familiar but I had no idea who they were. They seemed to know a lot about me too. I had to ask them who they were. He turned out to be my next door neighbours son. I’ve not seen him for a long time and bumping into him out of contest was a little strange.


I’d intended to do a lot this afternoon but that changed when I sat on the sofa with a cup of tea. The tea went cold and time went past very quickly.


I went to Mum’s for dinner tonight. She had found some turkey lurking in the bottom of the freezer and had decided to cook it. She served it with cabbage, peas, carrots, roast potatoes, roast squash and roast onions. The vegetables were lovely but I wasn’t that keen on the turkey. We followed it with cheese and biscuits.


I was tired when I got home and felt that I deserved an early night. The sheets still had that newly made bed feeling, I was asleep almost instantly.


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