I blame the FruChocs for the slight increase but as it was only slight and there are now no more FruChocs I wasn’t going to worry about it too much.


I found a neglected packet of Muesli in the food cupboard. It wasn’t an omelette, or poached eggs, or scrambled eggs but it was food. I much prefer eggs for breakfast. I added eggs to the weekend shopping list. Muesli didn’t really work for me, even though there was a time when it was all I ever had for breakfast.


I had yet another lunchtime ruined by the unfortunate timing of a meeting. This one was even more annoying as it started at noon and only ran for half an hour. This was just enough to make it noticeable that I take quite a lot more than an hour if I go for a swim. Instead I had to suffer a lunchtime in the office and avoid going to the canteen. The canteen is full of evil delights.


I was hungry when I got in but my policy of ridding the house of anything that was instantly edible meant there was nothing at hand. Then I found the muesli packet. This is why I stopped buying Muesli. It it very easy to eat it dry, straight from the packet


Tonight was a night for a session on the rollers. I peddled away and covered the floor in a thin film of sweat whilst listening to a podcast. The aim of the session was to keep at a constant cadence. I felt that I’d achieved that. I’d definitely earnt my bowl of soup.


I actually did a little bit of German homework tonight, with the aid of yet more raw Muesli. It wasn’t enough to make a difference but it made me feel better about my tardiness on the German front.


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