The death of the microwave meant that I had to prepare the bacon in the frying pan just before I put the egg mix in for my morning omelette. The only minor difference was that the bacon was underneath rather than on top. I think I’ve managed to adapt quickly to the loss of that oven.


I passed a Harley Davidson trike on the motorway. I wanted to ask the rider about how it handled round corners but it would have been tricky to wind down the window and yell at him in rush hour traffic.


I went to a meeting today and no one else turned up. I wasn’t sure how to feel about that. I gave it the customary 10 minutes and then cut my losses. I used the time to book doctor’s appointments for my foot. I felt that was a much better use of my time.


The leisure centre was still crowded with sticky little jam monsters although not as many ask last week. I still managed to jump the queue and get into the lane swimming area. The fast lane had two others in it. This wasn’t ideal as I wanted to do drills. My plan was lengths of one arm swimming followed by a few lengths of normal swimming. In the end and with a little bit of guessing I managed not to be held up or hold anyone up. I call that a win.


I spent the afternoon avoiding work by making various appointments with specialists to deal with my foot problem. Then there was the painful bit of paying for the treatment. Even though much of it was being done on the health insurance provided by work there was still various fee that needed paying. I rounded of the afternoon by paying the house insurance. I am now officially poor till pay day


I had no intention of doing anything active this evening. I played with the computer instead. When that got too dull I went to bed. Sometimes sleep is the answer.


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