I woke slightly before the alarm this morning and lay there contemplating getting out of bed and doing something. The contemplation took me all the way to the alarm. This rendered the results of the contemplation essentially useless.


I was hoping for one of those breakthrough moments this morning when a different (lower) whole kilo number is displayed on the scales. I felt with yesterday being so close and sticking to my calorie target yesterday it was almost a foregone conclusion but I was bitterly disappointed. I was exactly the same as yesterday. Seeing as I’ll be drinking tonight there is little chance of me crossing the boundary tomorrow either.


To commiserate with my complete failure to lose any weight I selected the thickest rasher of bacon I could find to accompany my omelette and cup of tea this morning. Suitably fuelled I set about doing my exercises that had been given to me. I found that forty five seconds can be a long time to hold a position.


I was at the pool again at lunch time for some quick repeats. I shared the lane with a youngster who was training for the nationals. He was quick and barely out of breath, in contrast to me. We clashed arms a couple of times and he apologised profusely. That was nice, it thought it was me that was closer to the centre of the lane than I should have been. All in all it was a good enjoyable swim.


Yet again people had birthdays and left cake in the kitchen area. I tried to resist but failed each time I went to make a cup of tea.


I tried to slip out early, I tried really hard but I was waylaid in conversation on the way out which resulted in a not as early as desired departure. It was good to have the conversation but it wasn’t so good to be caught in the Friday night motorway traffic. I still got home at a reasonable time but I had really wanted to get home unreasonably early.


I had a German lesson tonight and yet again I’d not done any preparation for it. I had thought about what I was going to write about but the actual writing had eluded me. Luckily I was able to chat through it during the lesson, put the words on paper and examine the grammar during the lesson. At the end of the lesson I told my teacher that I doubted that I would be able to continue the German lessons in the near future. I know that in about a month and a half my life is going to become madly busy. If I currently find it hard to do my preparation it will be almost impossible in two months’ time. We decided that I’ll have three more fortnightly lessons and then go our separate ways. Things should settle down by August so I may be able to take up German again then.


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