I woke just before the alarm and felt better for a long nights sleep. It still took me a while to actually get out of bed. I wandered to the kitchen via the scales. I was happy that my weight hadn’t gone up too much. If fact this was the first Monday in a long time where I hadn’t gone over the wrong kilo boundary after a Sunday meal at Mum’s. This made me feel good. I enjoyed my morning eggs and bacon more than I usually do.


The journey to work on a Monday is always bad. Today was no exception. There were delays on the main road as well. I think I was being paid back for being optimistic this morning.


Mum called at about ten, Dad had been delivered to the hospital and found that he was second on the list. There was a chance that he will be home tonight. Recovering at home is far preferable to being in hospital. Hospitals are full of sick people.


The rain came hammering down just before lunch and ended the possibility of going for a swim. I have no desire to get wet outside opf a swimming pool.


The new head of department held an open door meeting today. The idea was that she would be available for a couple if hours and that we were free to drop in and ask any questions we wished. So I did. I have a number of big issues around some management topics that I felt needed airing and being emboldened by the fact that I have a one way ticket in the summer I aired them. I may have overstepped the mark when I said that some of the managers in the department were “wholly inadequate” at people management but that is how I feel about some of them.


I slipped off early today as I was going to take Mum to the hospital to visit Dad. Mum doesn’t like driving in the dark and quite frankly family is much more important than an hour or so of sitting at my desk pretending to work. I still got caught by the traffic on the main road but it cleared by the time I got to the motorway. It was still frustrating.


Mum was fretting. She had rung the hospital but they had been unable to give her the news she wanted. Dad was in the recovery ward waiting to be assessed. They couldn’t do anything until the doctor made the assessment. Mum had made a lamb ring casserole for tea. We decided to eat and then if the hospital had not rung back we would just go. The neck rings were lovely, the meat fell off them and the plain boiled potatoes soaked up the juice.


We’d had no word from the hospital so we just went. We found the ward and there was Dad, dressed and ready to go. They had told him he could go home quarter of an hour before. I could see that they were both relieved at this. The good news continued; The doctor had told dad that they had found no traces of the cancer so he was now on maintenance. No more chemo, no more feeling ill, his life could resume without the black cloud on the horizon. I’d call that a rather good birthday present.


On the way home Dad told us that the surgical staff had sung happy birthday to him whilst he was in pre-med.

Scrambled Eggs

We had eaten dad’s dinner so he had scrambled eggs on toast instead. He likes scrambled eggs. I suspect that Mum had used cream to make them. It was the perfect birthday dinner. Whilst he was eating I texted the rest of the family to say that he was home. The phone started ringing just as he finished the eggs. He spent the next half hour on the phone accepting birthday wishes and talking to family.


I slipped away as I needed sleep and it looked like Mum and Dad did too. It had been a long and emotional day


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