I beginning to think that struggling out of bed is normal and no longer worth commenting on. In fact, it would be unusual if I leapt out of bed, eyes wide open and hit the ground running. I was tired this morning after yesterday’s rollercoaster. The scales said I was heavier, I wasn’t surprised. I made my omelette, did my stretches and thanked the heavens that I’m able to do my morning routine on auto pilot.


I went to the pool for a lunch time swim. My intention was to have a few gentle lengths, I didn’t want to do anything too strenuous or tiring ahead of the main event on Friday. I started with a slow 200 and the followed it with a couple of 500’s. That was when the fire alarm went off. I’d always wondered what happens when the fire alarm goes off and I’m in the pool. Today I found out. First I ignore it, then I get shouted at by the pool attendants. Finally the swimmers get herded to a fire exit and one of the pool attendants appears with a bag of space blankets. One of the swimmers was getting very agitated but I found it hard to get annoyed as they did have my safety in mind. The alarm lasted about 10 minutes after which we were allowed back in the pool or in my case to the changing rooms. For once I had a very good excuse for being late back to work.


I had the last of the chicken soup and that was the highlight of the evening. I had left work later than usual and despite an almost record breaking run home I’d still got back far too late to sit on the bike trainer. Once I was full of soup I attended to the trivia of life until the need to go to bed was stronger that my desire to carry on with doing admin. I had another early night.


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