I’ve lost another 400 grams, this has placed me on the boundary between on kilo and another. If I’m good and hold my inner hungers at bay there is a good chance I’ll be a kilo lighter tomorrow. This all depends on me being good today and not releasing my inner terrorist to sabotage my eating plan.


As I sat in the traffic queue on the motorway I looked to the side and noticed tire prints in the grass of the verge. A little further on there were scrapes against the barriers. It all told the story of a high-speed wobble that ended badly.


As I sat in the traffic queue waiting for the lights to change I saw two workmen on the other side of the road kicking a wall. I wondered if it was something similar to kicking the tyres on a used car.


I few weeks ago, my manager came over to me and said that he “was aware that we had not had a one to one meeting” that meeting was scheduled for today, he cancelled it minutes before. I now understand the difference between aware and doing.


I had to attend a meeting today where words like “socialise” and “circle back” were used in the context of sending e-mails. I find it very hard to stifle a giggle when there is a break out of buzzwords. Aside from that small piece of entertainment the rest of the meeting was routine and somewhat tedious. I would have preferred to have been somewhere else.


There was a problem with e-mail at work today. We were all sent an e-mail to tell us that the e-mail wasn’t working. I sometimes wonder if any thought has gone into messages like this.


As I was not working tomorrow and that made today effectively Friday I left early to avoid the Friday traffic that wasn’t there.


I had a lot to do this evening, I had a list and worked my way down it, The intention was to get everything done so that I could have and early night, I have to get up at silly o’clock in the morning. I know from experience that I don’t operate well at that time in the morning so everything needs to be prepared.


I failed to get to bed early because I was side tracked by a computer


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