I woke early because the room was uncomfortably hot. I’d slept on top of the covers but that hadn’t helped. I lay there for a while but I couldn’t go back to sleep. In the end, I got up and packed the random assortment of clothes into the small suitcase.


Today I could indulge my inner breakfast monster at the buffet.I had many helpings of the rather tasty bacon and many slices of cheese all washed down with many cups of tea. I wasn’t the only one taking full advantage. Some of the other guests were coming back from the buffet with mounds of food that could only be described as Himalayan.


We got a taxi to the airport, we had toyed with the idea of using the busses and the trams but in the end, we decided that a taxi was the line of least resistance. Neither of us were in the mood for any resistance whatsoever. The rather smart taxi whisked us to the airport with the minimum of fuss and with a cool jazz backing track. This was exactly what we needed.

Stag Party

The stag party boys were on the same flight back as us. They looked pale, weak and withdrawn. The rowdy attitude and exuberance had been replaced with hangovers of biblical proportions. They had obviously had a good time.


Tallinn airport has to be one of the more pleasant airports I’ve had the pleasure of waiting in. We found a corner that had been converted into a cosy café. I worked my way through a hot chocolate whist Cate made a vital last minute purchase of a bobble hat.


I deployed the superpowers on the flight home to fast forward time and dribble into my lap. The two-hour flight passed in minutes, I was tired, very tired.


We headed home via a benign motorway. Cate dropped me off and headed for an afternoon of sleeping. I had other plans. I quickly said hello to the cat, got changed and then headed back to the motorway to go to my brothers


My brother was hosting a party for my father’s birthday. They had left me some food and drink so that I could have something inside. I didn’t mention my epic breakfast. I wasn’t that sociable as I was so incredibly tired. Once I felt that I could slip away into the lounge I did, Dad was there snoring away. I found one of the comfy seats and slipped into sleep. Waking only to drag my weary body to the guest bedroom and flop into bed.


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