I felt a lot better this morning. The headache was still lingering in the far recesses of my head but it wasn’t as bad as last night and it felt like it was receding. I had further good news when I visited the scales, not only was I now officially a kilo lighter I am now lighter than I have been since the beginning of January. There is still a long way to go but these small victories are rather heartening.


I puzzled over the timing of an event leading up to “the thing” whilst driving to work this morning. There is quite a bit of ambiguity around this theme so I could use that to my advantage or I could be nice and give plenty of warning. There are also external factors to consider but I have no control over them so I decided to ignore them. I’ve almost decided to be nice, I just need to work through the implications.


I had nowhere to go at lunch time today so for the first time in a long time I had a leisurely lunch at my desk. Normally I get back after swimming and wolf down a salad of some sort but today I could take it easy. I rejoiced in the ability to read the news on the internet whilst working my way through a couscous salad, mound of fruit and a cup of tea. It would have been better away from my desk but I’m thankful for the small escapes.


Home time couldn’t come quick enough, the last hour at work dragged. It wasn’t that I had nothing to do, I just had nothing that I wanted to do more than go home. That overshadowed everything else. The lingering tiredness was still a limiting factor in my life and the sooner I could find somewhere to lie down the better.


One thing I felt I should do when I got home was to give the bathroom a cursory clean. It had been a while since the last time I’d rubbed over things with a damp cloth and it was looking rather grubby. It’s one of those jobs that doesn’t take long to actually do but takes an age to get round to doing. I realised after cleaning the basin that I should have had a shave before I cleaned the bathroom so that it would stay cleaner longer.


I had yet another early night tonight in the hope of repaying the remaining sleep debt from the weekend.


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