I didn’t need to leap out of bed this morning so I relished the extra hour in bed. I even got up, made myself a cup of tea and then went back to bed. Eventually I had to get up- and face the day. I had my usual Sunday breakfast of poached eggs on a bread roll before changing into my cycling gear. I could take a very leisurely approach to getting ready as I’d put Gracie and all her accessories in the car yesterday. This made the morning very easy. I like not having to think in the morning.


I got to within a few hundred meters of the car park before making a navigational mistake and going round a roundabout far too many times. It was a very nice roundabout with a duck pond in the middle but I didn’t need to see it for quite as long as I did.

Car Park

There were a lot of people in the car park. Over to one side was a large group of teenagers doing their Duke of Edinburgh award. They were being given he standard talk about safety. To the other side were walkers of various sizes and ages setting out on a Sunday morning hike. Some looked very serious and some looked like they were looking forward to a pub lunch with like-minded friends after a pleasant walk in the country. Gracie was a little reluctant to leave the car and required a lot of coaxing to get her to come out to play. Some cyclists next to me offered to help but there was little they could do. Gracie was just being a little petulant this morning.


We arrived at HQ just as the longer ride was leaving. I’d opted for the shorter ride as the longer ride did the short ride circuit and then did it again in reverse. Last time I’d done the long version on Gracie I’d really not enjoyed doing the second loop, I’m not that keen on rereading old ground. The route was also very hilly and climbing hills on Gracie is hard work.


As usual Gracie was the only Trike and as usual she was basking in the attention she was being given.

School Friend

I caught up with a group in front just in time for the second climb of the day and started chatting to one of them. The guy looked at me rather quizzically and then said: “I was at school with you!”. We spend the climb filling in the intervening years. There have been a lot of intervening years as I was probably fifteen when I last saw him. I wouldn’t have recognised him but apparently, I’ve not changed that much with time.


We chatted to the start of the next descent and then took to going downhill quickly. I assumed the position and pointed the front wheel downwards. Then it all went wrong. The front end started wobbling violently. I tried the brakes but that made it worse but then going faster did as well. I felt that this had all the potential to go very badly wrong. I could see me being spread over the tarmac in a very messy way. Using a combination of panic and determination I slowly brought Gracie under control. I should have known that she was still in a petulant mood.


I noticed that the quick release on the front wheel was undone on the next climb. I don’t know if the wobbles had made it come loose or if it had come loose before but whatever the case, once it was loose it would have made the wobbles worse. I made a mental note to check everything a little more thoroughly next time.


The final climb seemed to go on for ages. It didn’t help that I was tiring. I took advantage of the ability of a trike to stay upright by stopping a few times to take a rest. There are no advantages to riding a trike but there are some benefits, not falling over when going slowly is one of them.


I got home at a reasonable time, put Gracie away and then set about cleaning myself. After the shower, I wandered to the bedroom and made the mistake of sitting on the bed. Time passed remarkably quickly. I was now late and I should be somewhere else


I went to Mums for dinner, I arrived before the meat came out of the oven so that was good. Mum had prepared roast pork this weekend and served it with roast potatoes, roast parsnips, mashed swede, broad beans and Brussel sprouts. It was lovely and because I’d been cycling today I felt fully justified in having a second helping.



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