The cat woke me up early by doing the bladder dance. Once I’d attended to the urgent matters I went back to bed but only slept fitfully. I kept waking up and looking at the clock. It moved rapidly towards getting up time so I have to assume that I slept even though I didn’t feel like it.


Disappointingly, the scales reflected the weight of crumble that I stuffed into my face last night. I resolved to have either soup or apple crumble for tea tonight but not both whilst I made my morning omelette.


The petrol light came on on the way to work this morning. Even though the I had enough petrol to get to work and probably back again I always get a little nervous when this happens. What it there is a sudden shortage of petrol? What if all the petrol stations are closed? What if my cards don’t work. None of these scenarios are very likely but they do run through my head the moment that light comes on and it makes my drive to work a little more stressful than it should be.  I was a little dismayed to see a tanker in the service station outside work as this usually means the station is closed. Luckily for me they hadn’t started filling the tanks so I could happily fill up as usual.


I went to the pool at lunch time for a quick session in the water. I didn’t want to do anything too demanding and I didn’t fancy doing drills so I just did a few easy lengths. Even so I was still overtaking others in the lane. I may have to recalibrate my fast medium and slow paces.


On the way back I passed a car in the company car park that had someone sleeping in the back. At least I think he was sleeping, I did wonder as I walked back to my desk whether it was something more sinister. A cup of tea washed that thought away. I’m sure the company house team would deal with it if it needed dealing with. I am the consummate bystander.


I got on the bike trainer tonight in the first time in what seems like ages. I’d got home in a reasonable time, consumed some corn cakes smothered in homemade apple jam and then I felt like I really should do something active to justify the getting home calorie intake. As usual I went for a constant heart rate set, mainly because I have little imagination. Whilst I peddled away I listened to various videos, it kept me amused as the sweat poured off. I felt immensely pleased with myself when I’d finished and felt that the large slice of apple crumble that I used as my “recovery meal” was completely and fully justified.


This evening I was content to sit on the sofa and read. It made a nice change to my usual evenings.


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