Thanks to the cycling yesterday I slept soundly last night only to be woken by the cat demanding attention in the normal way. I’m sure that she can read the clock and times her pounding to be just before the alarm goes off. The scales told a happy story, again thanks to the cycling yesterday I’d yet again plummeted through the kilo boundary. My thirst told me that this was more to do with dehydration that fat loss but my brain can hide inconvenient truths like that and count it as a massive success for my diet and exercise regime.


I’m getting more and more irritated with the toilets at work, whenever I go into the sit-down part there is a wad of soiled toilet paper sitting in the water. I have no idea why. Whenever I flush the paper goes the way of the sewage, I suspect it’s to do with people using excessive amounts of loo roll to complete the cleaning but I have no way of knowing. I just wish they would flush it down because if they don’t and I don’t I have to face the smelly consequences of my waste not entering the water. That is not a pleasant situation.


Yet again I was at the pool at lunch time. Today I had the lane to myself so I could do some pace work. I set my swimming metronome off and tried to maintain the pace over a series of two hundreds. I like this type of set, it concentrates the mind. The only problem was that I kept beating the beeper, I may have to reassess my threshold pace in the near future.


The car with the body in was still in the car park but this time there was no body in the back. I felt relieved at this, not that it was likely that there actually would be a dead body in the back seat of a car in the company car park.


I used to car share with Alex but he has since moved from his parents and into a house with his girlfriend. He wandered over about an hour before home time and asked me in his usual indirect way if it was possible to have a lift to his parents this evening. It wasn’t a problem as I drive almost past their door. During the lift share days Alex would be asleep within a minute of starting the car and conversation was an unknown concept. Things have obviously changed in the intervening years, he was, by Alex standards, almost chatty. It did make the journey go a little quicker.


I was on the rollers tonight for anther sweaty session on the bike. I should have opened the front door as it was a warm evening and the sweat was flowing freely. I concentrated on keeping the cadence constant this evening.  I was a little wobbly by the end.


Tonight, was a soup night. It was another portion of the thick and calorific leek and potato soup. It tasted glorious but then I may have been hungry.


I waited a while but the urge to eat cheese hit me just after nine in the evening. This is not a good time to eat cheese.


I should have prepared myself for bed but instead I started fiddling with videos on the computer. It was late before I knew it. I knew that I would probably suffer for this mistake in the morning.


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