Getting up was predictably hard this morning due to the late night last night. I was buoyed up in my endeavours to join the waking work when I found that I’d traversed another kilo boundary. Dehydration is wonderful for my ego. I’m now the lightest I have been since Christmas but that is tempered a bit by the knowledge that I’m still heavier than I was before Christmas. It’s all going in the right direction.


I sat in a meeting this morning feeling a little like a spare part, I had no idea what was going on. I felt ill informed and excluded. It’s been like this since I started this role and I had hoped that it was just first day nerves. It wasn’t. There is a small group running this project and I’m just a minor annoyance on the periphery. At least that’s how it feels. I’m glad that “the thing” is going to kick in soon and change my life substantially.


For the third lunch time on the trot I was at the swimming pool. This time I decided that drills were the order of the day. I like doing drills as it concentrates the mind on different aspects of the stroke and makes a change from just going up and down. I always do a couple of lengths of the drill and follow it with some full stroke swimming to allow the movements from the drill to bed in. I read somewhere that that was the sensible way to do it and it seems to work for me. I started with a bit of one arm, moved onto sculling and underwater recovery and finished with a bit more one arm swimming. I felt good after all that and ready for an afternoon of meetings and teleconferences.

Catch up

Every now and again I have a cup of tea with a friend from another department where we put the world to rights and discuss topic of interest like decking and the screw-fix catalogue. Today was one of those days.


For the third evening in a row I was on the bike and sweating like fury. Tonight, was a constant heartrate session. I felt quite exhausted by the end of it and knew that tomorrow would be a rest day

Apple Crumble

I spoilt the effects of all the exercise by eating the rest of the apple crumble with crème fresh directly after having a shower. Even though I felt quite full I followed it with a lump of cheese. I kidded myself that it was for the protein to help my muscles recover. It wasn’t. It was because I like eating cheese.


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