I’d gained a kilo overnight, that is not strictly true, I’d gained three hundred grams’ bat that had made the big number change on the scales so effectively I’d gained a kilo. That was rather disappointed but not unexpected considering that I’d eaten half an apple crumble and some cheese for my tea last night.


I wasn’t going to swim today, I’d not brought my swimming stuff in and just to make sure I went into town so I was nowhere near the pool. Town wasn’t that exciting, I’d popped in to get some food to save me time on Saturday as I had a lot planned. I had a bit of time to kill before the bus came so I wandered around a department store and ended up purchasing a weighing scale of luggage. I’d been intending to get one for a while as I need to whilst executing “the thing”.


Just before leaving I had a long conversation with a colleague about how using the motorway on a Friday was madness. I then used the motorway to get home and did the journey in record time.


I’d arranged to meet an old school friend at a pub for a meal this evening. We’ve not met for a long time so there was a lot of catching up to do. It was almost effortless, we picked up where we left off and talked inconsequential rubbish for the evening over a pub meal and a few drinks.


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