Even though I’d had a late night and I was coaching the later session I still wanted to get a swim in. This week’s session was a time trail, the results of which are used to determine a threshold training pace. I’d not done this test for a while and I was getting a little concerned that the training paces I’ve been using were a little out of date. The swims themselves felt a little ragged but I put this down to being in the water far too early. The times were quite good for me, in fact I had taken a number of seconds off my previous times. What I couldn’t work out though was how once everything was calculated, my training pace stayed the same.


I was actually awake for the coaching and that was a bit of a novelty for everyone concerned. It was a shame that all I had to do was count lengths, record times and do a little bit of maths.


I had to rush back as I had some appointments with some letting agents. The first one was short, round, forcibly pleasant and over perfumed. The cat did not take to her at all and disappeared quickly from any room she entered. I gave her the tour and went over the particulars. The next agent was about the same height, thinner and didn’t smell of perfume. The cat took to her in an instant. Shen was rubbing up against her legs an generally demanding attention. The second agent gave much the same view as the first. I suspect that I’ll go with the second as the cat liked her.


My visitors arrived just after the second agent left. I’d given them instructions on how to get to my house from the station but expected them to get lost. I was quite surprised when they turned up at the door unharmed. We started with the traditional cup of tea and then went on a whistle stop tour of the villages ending up in the pub for a swift beer before they had to get back on the train to their next appointment.


It’s my sister’s boys birthday’s tomorrow so I had to pop round to deliver cards and presents. I stayed for a cup of tea and a chat. She had been suffering from severe back pain for the last five weeks. It was finally diagnosed as a slipped disk last week.


The late night, early start and busy morning caught up with me about mid-afternoon. One moment I was sitting on the sofa drinking tea then next I was laying on the sofa feeling cold and woozy.


I was going for a ride tomorrow so I needed to get things ready. I was in two mind as to whether to do the ride on the trike. I went to the shed and found that the trike had a flat tyre. That sealed it, I would be doing the ride on two wheels. That would be a bit of a novelty.


My intention was to cook enough salmon for today and tomorrow so that I wouldn’t need to think about cooking tomorrow night. The cooking part was easy so was, unfortunately, eating it all. It was a good plan but it was executed poorly.


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