Yesterday’s cycling had taken its toll on my body and my inclination to get up. Eventually I made my way to the kitchen to find that it looked like a whirlwind had hit it. I hadn’t tidied up after making lunches and eating takeaway last night. It wasn’t a pretty sight. I resolved to tidy it up this evening. I couldn’t face it this morning.


The creeping tiredness invaded everywhere. I sat at work trying to concentrate on what I was supposed to be doing but that improved impossible. I drunk numerous cups of tea in an effort to stay awake. They didn’t help. I frequently caught myself fading into oblivion. Sitting down was the killer. If I was still for any length of time the tiredness would take me. Home time couldn’t come quick enough.


The clock creeped slow to the earliest acceptable time to leave work, but the moment it hit that time I was packed up and gone. There was just a little cloud of dust where I should have been.


When I got home I had to face the devastation that was my kitchen. It was obvious that I’d got in prepared food and gone to bed without attending to the niceties of cleaning up. It didn’t take long to clear everything up and put it away but that was not the point. There is something infinitely depressing about walking into a grubby kitchen. In my world, a kitchen should start clean and end clean regardless of what happens in the middle.


Once the kitchen was returned to a semblance of normality I set about clearing up the post long ride aftermath by gathering the ragged assortment of smelly clothes into a pile and stuffing them in the washing machine.


Whilst my washing machine did all the hard work I had some soup. I wasn’t feeling hungry when I started eating the soup but by the time I’d finished it I was ravenous. That’s why I finished off the peaches and rice pudding that was lurking in the back of the fridge. I felt stuffed and guilty after that.


I had to wait for the washing to finish before I went to bed. It was a struggle as my eyelids wanted to slide gently down over my eyes and let me sleep. Eventually the washing finished. I was glad, probably for the only time, that the washing machine beeps at the end of the cycle. After hanging the washing up to dry I headed to the wonderful world of sleep.


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