I woke a little before the alarm this morning, probably because dawn is getting earlier and I’m used to waking up as the light comes on. My legs were still a bit stiff but I felt more awake today. Not awake enough to get out of bed before the alarm but awake enough to think about it.


I’m not sure quite how I’ve done it but I’ve managed to gain weight despite the long ride. This morning I was hovering just under a kilo boundary having regained most of the losses of last week. It’s all really quite depressing but not depressing enough to stop me eating my breakfast omelette.


I’d not planned to swim at lunchtime so I ended up sitting at my desk eating lunch. I really don’t like doing that. I much prefer to get out of the building and find out what fresh air smells like.


I got in in a reasonable time tonight, the gods of congestion must have been somewhere else this evening. I was still a little tired and had no intention of doing anything that could be described as active. Instead I prepared my tea, attended to a little of life’s trivia and then sat on the sofa an listened to a podcast with the cat sitting on my lap demanding attention. I feel that I achieved everything that I set out to do this evening


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