I knew that I would be a little lighter this morning owning to the sweaty cycling session last night but I wasn’t expecting to lose over a kilo. That took me by surprise. I like happy little surprises like that in the morning they make my breakfast taste so much better.


There was a shoe in the middle lane of the motorway, just one. All kinds of questions sprung to my mind. How did it get there? Why is it there? And more importantly, where was the other one?


For the first time this week I wandered to the pool at lunch time. The training holiday was well and truly over. I’d intended to do a short warm up followed by a long swim and then a short cool down. The warm up went well but I pressed to stop button on my watch rather than the lap button. I noticed when it didn’t buzz at two hundred meters. I carried on as it was possible that I had lost count but after another one hundred meters it was obvious something was wrong. I stopped at the end of the lane to find my watch was still at the end of the warm up. This little thing threw me totally. I’d stopped in the middle of my intended set and now my equilibrium was disturbed. I carried on for a while after but the flow had gone. I got out feeling unfulfilled.

Meeting Food

There have been a number of lunch time meetings today and they have left the finger food in the kitchen. It’s very easy to grab a small curly sandwich as I pass. This is not doing my pathetic diet any good.


I had another session on the bike tonight. This time I was on the turbo trainer doing a constant heart rate session. The turbo trainer puts me in a position to open the back door from the bike when I start to pour with sweat. This is always an advantage. The cool night air took away some of the heat but didn’t make the session any easier.


I got off the trainer feeling a little wobbly and left some soup to heat up whilst I had a shower. I’m still working my way through the batch of leek and potato soup that I made at the weekend and I’m still enjoying it. The problem was that I was still hungry afterwards. For the past few days I’ve supplemented the soup with a tin of tuna, eaten straight from the tin as a dessert, but I didn’t have any more tins of tuna. I resigned myself to feeling hungry right up to the point when I remembered that there was an open packet of frankfurters in the freezer. I wavered a bit at the thought of eating a frozen frankfurter but after the washing up was done the hungers took the better of me. It took about half an hour to empty the packet. I didn’t feel hungry but I did have a tinge of guilt.


I put the bins out for the second time this week, this time other people had also put their bins out. I was confident that I’d got the right day.


I tried reading a magazine this evening but the cat had other ideas. The moment I picked up the magazine she worked her way between it and me in a demanding attention sort of way. It’s very hard to read when you have a cats nose pressed up against your face.


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