I didn’t need to get up too early today but as the clocks had changed it felt early. After a suitable period of readjusting to the reality of daytime I headed to the kitchen via the scales. I wasn’t surprised at the news that I’d gained over a kilo since yesterday due to last night’s big meal. It didn’t stop me having my regular Sunday morning poached eggs on a bread roll.


It was a nice day but the water in the lido felt colder than usual. Cate commented on it and so did one of the other swimmers. It took a while to get into the swing of going up and down again as initially the water felt like treacle. I did like the feeling of the sun on my back but it wasn’t enough to keep me warm. I did my usual lengths and got out to less shivering that usual. It must have been warmer even though it didn’t feel like it.


We went for our usual greasy spoon breakfast after swimming. Sometimes this is my only motivation for swimming at the lido during the off season.


A friend of mine is studying massage and wanted bodies to practice on. I had volunteered as I’m always up for a free massage. He gave me a full body sports massage with only a few stops to refer to the book, he also found all the problems with my left leg. I was quite happy lying on the table telling him when it hurt,


The massage took a lot longer than I’d expected so by the time I got home it was time to start preparing food for next week. The soup of the week was going to be broccoli and cauliflower with blue cheese. It didn’t take long to make a nice thick and tasty soup. Whilst that was bubbling away I prepared a couscous salad for lunches next week and finally I made something to eat this evening. I took the easy option of salmon with a rice and vegetables mixture from the freezer. After preparing the rest of the food I wasn’t feeling that hungry.


I made the mistake of opening a beer to have with my tea. One thing lead to another and I was left feeling very sleepy.



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