Yet again I’m hovering on a kilo boundary, it’s in the right direction but it would have been nice to have lost another 100 grams to take me to a kilo lighter. I’m sure it’s all psychological but I don’t care as long as the general trend is down.


I had yet another quality journey to work today. Everything was going well until I turned off the motorway. Then I hit a wall of congestion that didn’t ease for miles and miles. It wasn’t at a total standstill but moving along at just above walking pace on a road I usually zoom down was frustrating. At least a lot of my colleagues would be in the same queue so there would be no need to explain.


I had yet another pointless lunchtime meeting today that has severely cut into my swimming time, at least it gave me a chance to disappear to the DIY store down the road to pick up some paint and other decorating necessities.


In contrast to this morning’s journey, this evenings journey home was fast and trouble free. In fact, I was amazed how quickly I managed to do the journey. The cat was happy to see me too.


Tuesday night is bike trainer night. I sat on the trainer and got very sweaty whilst watching you tube videos. What would be ideal would be to watch one video that was the length of my session but most videos are a lot shorter than that.


After getting myself clean, dry and fed I spent the rest of the evening trying to read a long and complicated document. It took me ages to actually understand what it said. I need to understand it as it could be the basis of a potentially expensive decision.


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