I’ve hit another low and this is a good thing. I know it’s all about the dehydration from the cycle training but the overall trend is heading downward too. My morning eggs tasted very slimming. It was only after breakfast that I realised that I was now at the weight that triggered my attempts to lose weight last year. My morning eggs suddenly felt very heavy.


The changing rooms I normally change in were closed today because of a gala later. Apparently, the general public is a danger to school children. This meant that I had to go to the changing village as they call it and get changed in the noise and clamour of all the people using the leisure pool. The thing about the area where I normally change is that it’s single sex, I can just strip off and get changed. In the changing village, I have to find a cubical and then get changed. The changing village is also full of noise. The whole experience ruined my equilibrium. The competition pool was an oasis of peace and tranquillity by comparison. I did my usual short warm up followed by a long continuous swim and then a short cool down. I think that I did the long bit in record time due to being so wound up by the changing experience. The worse part of the unisex facility though is the fact that I can’t take my trunks off in the shower. I come out of the show feeling that I’ve not washed my bits


I got back to find that someone had put a meeting in my diary that will effectively stop me going for a swim tomorrow. I’m not happy about that. I feel that the world is conspiring against me.


After an easy drive home I hoped on my bike for a session on the rollers. I prefer the rollers to the turbo as the bike is free to wander about a bit. The down side of this is that there is the ever-present danger of coming off the rollers and cycling straight into the back door. I should leave the door open but that could lead to me entering my neighbours garden at high speed. I doubt their dog would be too happy about this. I very rarely come off the rollers but when I have the results have been quite spectacular. I finished the session sweaty but in one piece.


After a shower, I tucked into the broccoli and cauliflower soup that I’d made at the weekend. It tasted good and was thicker than I intended. It was bordering on a vegetable puree with pearl barley. It filled me up but not to the point where I couldn’t justify a lump of cheese to finish off the meal. I can always justify a lump of cheese and that is probably why my weight loss plans are never matched by reality.


I finally got round to repairing the puncture in Gracie’s front tyre this evening. It was one of those jobs that takes longer to get round to than to actually do. I always have a fear that my puncture repairs are not going to be good enough and that the tyre will slowly flatten. In some cases, this fear is fully justified but hopefully not today.


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