I woke up with that feeling in the back of my throat, the feeling that something had dried to the tubes. It was accompanied by the headache that had started the night before. My nose was a bit damper than normal too. Yesterday’s tiredness and lethargy came into perspective; I was coming down with something. It felt like a low-level illness; not enough to warrant a day or so off work but enough to make going to work an unpleasant experience. I stumbled through my morning routine on auto pilot. The scales showed a loss, the eggs were cooked and I got dressed into my “school clothes” without being mentally present. I don’t like being ill and I really don’t like not being ill enough to justify a day in bed.


I decided to give my lunchtime swim a miss today. I did feel a little better but not well enough to contemplate a few lengths of the pool. The fact that this is the start of the school holidays may have swayed my decision as well. The thought of hordes of sticky little jam monsters disturbing the peace and tranquillity was too much for my fragile state to take.

Banana Chips

There are some people over from the India office today and they have brought banana chips with them. These are slices of dried banana that have been infused with something. They are incredibly tasty and sitting very close to my desk. I have made multiple visits to the packet, each time saying to myself that this visit will be the last. I know that I’ve eaten too many of them as all I can taste is oily banana.


After preparing and eating dinner I sat on the sofa with a cup of tea and promptly fell asleep. I drifted in and out of sleep for about an hour before giving up and going to bed. I’m ill and it’s following the usual pattern. I’m in the aches and sniffles stage at the moment, I fully expect my voice to start going soon. I just have to get through tomorrow and the day after and then I’ll submit to being ill and stay at home.


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