I’m feeling a little better today but as far as work is concerned I’m not well enough to venture into the office. The way I look at it I struggled in on Tuesday and Wednesday because important things were happening so they shouldn’t mind me not struggling in now. They may not see it the same way but they haven’t been given the choice.


I tried to work, I really tried but I failed to do anything that could be described as productive. I basically sat in front of a computer and answered e-mails in a way that the proper answer would be delivered on Monday.


I gave up at about four o’clock and bought a lounge carpet instead. I’ve been meaning to buy a new carpet since the infestation of the carpet moths left large chunks of bare bits. I’ve been putting off committing to the purchase but “the thing” has made it rather imperative that the carpet is replaced. It took me minutes to decide on the carpet and then about half an hour to wait whilst the salesman went through screens and screen of information before he could release the carpet.


I had my last German lesson tonight. It consisted of having a chat and trying to sum up my learning over the last few years.


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