I slept solidly until a few minutes before the alarm went off. I think the clock chiming woke me up but I couldn’t be sure. I don’t think it was the cat asking for attention, that was after the alarm. I wandered down to breakfast via the scales. They told me that the losses due to exercise and sweating over the weekend had been put back on with a little extra just in case I was tempted to do it all again. I sleep walked my way through breakfast and then headed off to work. Sometimes my mornings are remarkably unremarkable.

Banana Chips

Yet another bag of Indian fried banana chip was opened today, I can resist a sealed packet but when they are opened that is another matter. They are incredibly moreish and very crispy. I could eat them by the handful or until the slightly greasy taste of guilt gets the better of me.


My colleague was bored again today and that meant he was looking for things to do or people to disturb. It starts with an innocent sounding question but soon sucks people in. It’s a bit like a boredom vortex, it sucks people in and wastes their time. It can be very frustrating. I left the office early to escape.


Today was the day for the first run in a long time. The specialist had recommended a short slow run, no longer than a mile whereas the physio had recommended a half hour of two-minute run followed by a one minute walk. As it was a pleasant evening I went with the Physios recommendation. He had also said that he wouldn’t be surprised if it hurt afterwards. I set my watch to beep at the prescribed intervals and set off. It was good to be running again even though it felt uncomfortable. Bits of me that shouldn’t be wobbling were. That wasn’t pleasant. I soon slipped into the walk run routine and became a slave to the watch beeping, I made a few mistakes as I’d left on the distance alert but luckily most of the distance beeps fell near the walk beep, I doubt an extra bit of walking would have done any harm.


I didn’t feel like soup tonight so I had homemade hummus on rice cakes instead. It felt really filling. That was something I’d forgotten about running, how it takes my appetite away.


My heel was sore, as sore as it had been before I started physio. I was not happy about that. I really want the physio to have worked as I have no desire to have my heel chopped about and fiddled with.


The run had left me very tired, I couldn’t believe that such a short run had had such a large effect. I guess that is the result of not running for so long.


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