The scales gave me some very bad news this morning, so bad that I skipped breakfast and just had a cup of tea. Even though I could have guessed it was going to happen after yesterday’s gluttony it was still a shock to see the actual number.


The motorway was almost empty this morning so I could happily drive along, singing loudly to the radio and watching the world go by. This feeling of wellbeing was ruined by the flash of a speeding camera. Normally it is almost impossible to break the speed limit on this stretch of the motorway at this time of day due to the weight of traffic but today was the exception. I’d not noticed my speed creeping up and now I’m going to have to face the consequences.


My resolve not to eat till lunch time failed within moments of entering the office. A banana, an apple and a small bunch of grapes were dispatched within seconds of me sitting at my desk.


My foot is still hurting, I’m in two minds about going for a short run tonight. I’d got used to not limping and having a pain free foot. In fact, I was quite enjoying it. Now I feel I’m back to square one.


I went out at lunch time and spent an awfully large amount of money on a second-hand camera with an extra lens and a tripod. They threw in a bag and a couple of polarising filters as well. I may be suffering from byers remorse a little later on but at the moment I’m looking forward to playing with my new toys.


I got home after a long drive, it seemed that nearly everyone who owned a car was on the motorway this afternoon. I felt very tired, I had a shower and then laid on the bed for a few moments that stretched into an hour. I forced myself to get a few things done but the lure of the bed drew me back. I needed sleep.



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