Remarkably I’ve stayed the same weight for four days in a row. This is a new record and makes me suspicious of the scales. I feel that they are lulling me into a false sense of security. I tested this theory by having chocolate for breakfast.


The bluebells are out and so the only thing to do is to go for a stroll in the woods and inhale the bluebell perfume. I wasn’t prepared for being attacked by a killer lama though. It stood there looking cute by the field gate. It tempted me to go over and make cooing noises and then it stuck. I’ve gone off lamas.


We visited a restaurant bar on the way to my mother’s so that we could talk to the owner about an event we were planning. They had twiglets on the bar, loved one has never tasted twiglets, they don’t have them in her corner of the world. She said they tasted burnt. How can she not understand that they are little mouthfuls of paradise?


Mum had made us a Sunday dinner. We thought we were going for tea so this took us by surprise. The roast chicken with all the trimmings was very nice.


Once all the clearing up had been done we forced my father away from the sofa and made him go for a walk. It was only a short walk but he was exhausted by the end, the last eighteen months of successful chemotherapy had left him weak. I did feel a little guilty about making him walk quite so far.


There was a fuse behind the washing machine that needed replacing. It seemed like a simple task but it involved climbing into the spider sanctuary and unscrewing things. Mum took the opportunity to discuss “things” with loved one. I have a feeling that it was a premeditated move on behalf of my parents.


Neither of us were hungry when we got home so we skipped tea and went straight onto the trying to stay awake thing. We failed quite quickly due to a combination of jet lag and laziness.


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