I briefly woke up around workday getting up time but not for very long. I didn’t need to get up today so I took full advantage of the situation by closing my eyes and going back to sleep. Eventually the urge o get out of bed came over me but it took a very long time.


I had a poached egg and slice of bacon on toast for breakfast today. I wouldn’t have normally thought about the addition of bacon, but loved one suggested it and it just seemed right.

Farm Shop

After various family visits, we trundled past a farm shop and decided to visit. It had a wonderful selection of locally made beers but I wasn’t in the mood to be tempted. We ended up buying a packet of bread sticks for later.


I decided to take the other way home and that took us past a very nice pub. It seemed rude not to pop in. The place had obviously changed hands since the last time I’d been there. It used to have a Churchill theme to the décor but all that had gone, to be replaced by moles. We sat by the kitchen and watched the array of well-presented and mouth-watering food come past. It reminded me that it had been a long time since breakfast.


We’d invited my neighbours around for a meal this evening as we had accidently bought too much sparkling wine. Loved one prepared some chicken arms and legs and accompanied these with new potatoes, carrots and cauliflower cheese. I was responsible for the hummus starter and taking the cheese out of the fridge.  I managed one of those but the cheese was a bit cold.


The over meal chat covered the full range of subjects. We solved road safety with the use of land mines and discussed the relative merits of various cyclists. We finished the evening by entering our names into a search engine and finding out about our secret lives. It turned out that Pete was a solicitor in Albania, Sonia was a life coach in Alabama, Loved one had many obituaries and I was a journalist for an American newspaper.


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