I felt more awake this morning but I avoided standing on the scales as I had a idea that they would not have good news. I was not in the mood for having that sort of news delivered by a machine. It was enough to feel bits of me wobble as I limped down the stairs.


I’ve been bombarded with e-mail for the last week about a rebranding of my section. The disinterest in this event was almost palpable. Today was the day so they made the announcement that the most boring and obvious name on the list had been chosen and then laid on some food and drink to celebrate. This didn’t do anything for my bloated and fat feeling. No doubt there will be posters and other merchandise to follow, no one seems that bothered about a supposedly momentous event.


I lasted about three quarters of the journey home wearing the hateful eyewear before I gave up in frustration. It’s like the difference between watching a normal television and a high definition telly. To me the image on a high definition television feels wrong. It looks unreal and overly sharp. That’s how I find the world through the lenses: different and not real.


I had an appointment with the specialist tonight to assess the progress of my heel after many weeks of stretching and introducing the run walk routine to the mix. I went through the recent events and he seemed to think that the physio hadn’t improved the situation. He laid out a number of options: the first was to carry on the physio. He suggested that this would take a long time to improve things. The next options were much more surgical and much more scary sounding. The choice was releasing the muscle sheath behind the knee, a guided injection into my heel or “cleaning” the insertion point. He strongly advised me to go for the first of the three. He explained that it involved a cut behind the knee to (and at this point I I didn’t want to hear any more) slice a bit out of the muscle sheath. It could be done as day surgery but would take a few weeks to recover from during which time I would not be able to drive. Doing this now would end any ambitions I had for this season of sporting endeavours but as I have a very hard deadline in August that will change my life totally missing a few swims and cycle rides to make sure it’s sorted for then is a small price to pay.


Loved one had prepared roast pork, I have a feeling that she knew I’d be a little fed up after the visit to the specialist so she made one of my favourites to cheer me up. She followed it with a crumble, another one of my favourites, and a Guinness, yet another of my favourites.


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