Yet again I have skipped breakfast due to being full from last night. This is moving from a feeling fat measure to a regular thing.


It was someone’s birthday in the office today and they had brought in a whole array of pastries, so much for not having breakfast.


I left the office at the earliest acceptable time again today as I had an evening engagement. It all went well until I hit the motorway. The matrix sign advised of a two-hour delay. This was not the news I wanted to hear. I got off at the next junction n the vein hope that I could get through the back way. I wasn’t then only one who had had this thought. I sat in stop start traffic and slowly chugged along. I started wondering if it would have been quicker to stay on the motorway. It took a long time to find some clear road but the joy of the open road was taken away cruelly by a brown delivery truck that insisted on travelling well below the speed I wanted to go and slowed for every car coming ion the opposite direction. I resolved never to send anything by that particular service.


I was expecting mum and dad to be there as I was taking them out for a meal. I had said to Mum clearly several times to come to my house first. I knew that she would go directly to the restaurant as that was the first thing she said. That’s why I had repeated over and over again to come to my house first. That’s why they went straight to the restaurant. I wanted to get a lift so that I could have more than one drink.


We met at a local Thai restaurant. I wasn’t really in the mood to be sociable after the long drive, quick change and dash to the restaurant. What I really wanted to do was lie on my bed for a while with my eyes closed and recover from the day. I settled for a beer instead. We started with a sharing platter of starters, these things always remind me of the sort of things that are served up in meetings under the title of light bites. It was nice but nothing special. I went for a Thai green curry for the main course for no other reason than it was the first item I saw on the menu. I find menus too long and confusing. My standard approach is to either pick something I’ve never had or to pick the first thing I see. I try to stay away from the endless debate over what is the best. After all I’m sure the chef doesn’t deliberately concentrate on one dish whilst paying no attention to the quality of the others.


It was a lovely evening out but all I wanted to do was fall asleep. I was glad to fall into bed with a full stomach and drift quickly into the darkness of sleep.


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