The joy of working from home is that I don’t get woken by the alarm. I came round at the usual time and then went straight back to sleep for another hour and a half. I was still logged into the work system by starting time even though I also had a decadent cup of tea in bed.


I had my breakfast during my mid-morning break. I’d not been strong enough to face breakfast at the normal pre-work time. Some would have called it brunch but I don’t as that is a meal between breakfast and lunch. In my view that means you would have to have already had breakfast. I hadn’t. The first meal of the day is always breakfast if it is before noon. Noon cancels out breakfast. I feel that you can only count breakfast as skipped if you’ve not eaten anything before noon. I’m still unsure where 2nd breakfast should come in the grand scheme of things. Definitely after breakfast and before lunch, maybe after elevenses but I’ve no idea if it’s before or after brunch. Maybe they are the same?


I gave upon work mid-afternoon and went to the supermarket for the usual food shop. I found a space near the store and left the car to be cleaned whilst I wandered round the store hunting and gathering food for the next few days. Once that chore was done I loaded the supplied into the car and had to hunt for the car washing guy to pay him. It would have been very easy to escape without paying but I do have my car cleaned here a lot. I pulled out of the parking space and straight into a pile of abuse from another driver. I was going the wrong way round the car park. He asked me forcibly if I knew this, to which the answer was “yes”. It was obvious from the arrow on the ground, the one I couldn’t see from the parking space. I did wonder if the fuming driver ever similar mistakes.


Every now and again a quiet night in is a wonderful thing. It had been a long week.


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