I was coaching the early session and loved one decided that she would swim it so we both had to give the impression of leaping out of bed and rushing about to get to the pool on time. The set contained lots of long steady swimming which was, after the initial explanations, very dull to coach.


I decided that I would swim the set in the second session, that’s when I found that it wasn’t an exciting set to swim either. The pace would have been fine if the distances were longer. I felt that I had deserved the hot chocolate for pure perseverance.


I picked up the final pair of glasses that I don’t need. These ones were tinted so that I could forget to wear them on sunny days. They weren’t ready when we fisrt got to the shop so we went for a stroll round town whilst they did whatever they needed to do. Pulling on the door that was clearly ladled push don’t help my claims of having perfect eyesight.


We had to look for a venue this afternoon. We’d had various ideas of what to do with them between the ceremony and the meal but had settled on taking them to a pub and filling them with finger food and drinks. To execute the plan, we needed to find a suitable pub within striking distance of the registry office. We wanted somewhere nice, with good views. With that in mid we drove down to the river and almost immediately stumbled across a suitable place. The first person to talk to us was the general manager, she was very accommodating to our plans. We felt that even though this was the first venue we had seen it was just right. After a drink and a discussion, we took a stroll along the river to make sure it was suitable for pictures and guests in high heels. We wandered into a pub up the road as well, just in the name of research. This only served to reinforce our initial impression of finding the right venue.

Box Hill

We didn’t have much planned for the afternoon so we went to Box Hill for tea and cake. This is a popular hill for cyclists so I knew that the cake would be of the right quality. We met a couple of cyclists from Iceland and chatted with them for a while. A long time ago I cycled most of the way round Iceland, they seemed to be quite impressed at that.

Stepping Stones

No visit to Box Hill is complete without a walk over the stepping stones. Loved one regretted here choice of footwear as she stepped from one stone to another.


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