We started the day with a swim at the quarry. The water was the same temperature as last week but despite that we were the only two who braved the water without wet suits. Swimming outdoors all winter means I’m feeling warm were as the wet suited ones have come from the pool and are looking at the temperature from a different direction.


We went to the café on the green for breakfast. I like their full English and we needed hot drinks. They instantly recognised us as swimmers, it had something to do with being wrapped in warm clothes on a reasonable day, and sat us by the heater. The breakfast lived up to expectations but was disturbed by all the emergency vehicles speeding by.


I was feeling tired by mid-afternoon so laid on the bed for five minutes that turned out to be over an hour. I was more tired than I thought.


We went over to my parents for diner. Mum had said she had very little in but she still managed to conjure up roast chicken, boiled new potatoes, red cabbage, peas and sweetcorn then followed that with apple crumble. This is true domestic magic.




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