There was no need to get up this morning as I had a day off. I took full advantage of not getting up.


Loved one needs a visa for her next visit, she need to promise the government that she will leave next time. We poured over the massive list of questions and hoped we had filled them in correctly. Essentially the whole thing was aimed at asking: will you leave after you are married. It took ages to answer yes.


It had been raining on an off all day. This sort of weather is traditional for a bank holiday, so is a visit to the fare. We wandered around the stalls offering fluffy tat if you can throw a ball or hoop and the ones selling greasy and fried food. It was all the same stuff but in a slightly different order.


I like going to the pictures. There is nothing like sitting in a darkened room with a tub of popcorn watching a film on the big screen. We watched the latest big budget movie and were completely entertained for two hours, so much so that we didn’t notice the slight drizzle as we left.


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