I remember looking at the clock and thinking that I had half an hour until the alarm went off, and then it went off. I couldn’t quite get myself to leap out of bed. I would have stayed there much longer if it wasn’t for the cat testing my bladder for tension. Eventually I hauled myself to the shower and attempted to make myself some part of respectable. I rounded off the morning routine with an omelette and some bacon that had been prepared by loved one. She knew that today was a big day.


The first job of the day was to write my resignation and send it to my boss, who is on holiday, and to his boss. I didn’t want to copy the world into the e-mail, I’m sure that they were competent enough to send it to the right people.


Half an hour later the section head came over and called me a deserter. She said she would set up a meeting to understand my reasons for leaving. She may have asked me to set that meeting up but that’s not what I heard, I have no desire to manage someone else’s diary.


I went for a lunchtime swim in the Lido. It is open for the summer season so they have turned up the heating. It makes it much more amenable for a lunchtime swim and has the added advantage of not leaving me shivering for a few hours afterwards.


I got home to find that loved one had been cooking. There was a bowl of broccoli and cauliflower soup waiting for me and the freezer was full of soup and sauce. This is a good thing


We decided to go out for a few drinks to celebrate. My usual haunt was closed for refurbishment so we had to go to one of the other pubs in the village. We sat there ate Thai food and washed it down with wine an Guinness. A man with a sleek black greyhound sat at the bar. The dog was absolutely adorable and he knew it.  The route home was a bit wobbly.


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