The morning rattled round far too quickly again. I could have happily laid there for another few hours. I skipped breakfast again, I had to have a shave so it was a choice between unkempt or fed. Fed lost.


Some of the great and good were visiting today, both were people I knew from my time at head office. My bosses’ bosses’ boss was most put out that they knew me to talk to. She was very intent on talking over me whenever I entered the conversation. I guess that’s why she is in the position she is.


I wore the evil eyeglasses on the way home in the hope that my feelings about them would change. I had to stop for petrol, I was distracted by finding that the strange man was serving so forgot to take them off. As I entered the shop there was a small kerfuffle at the head of the queue, someone had attempted to jump the queue and was getting the full wrath of the rest of the queue. He retreated to the tail of the queue like a scalded puppy. I joined the queue and then found the world had gone weird. Things were happening in the periphery. Suddenly I felt a bit dizzy. It felt very strange. It took a while to realise the cause and it was all put right by taking my glasses off. I didn’t think I could love them less, I was wrong.


Loved one had been in London for the afternoon and judging by the temperature of her hands she had only just got home. In those milliseconds, she had managed to prepare a meal of salmon, mashed potatoes and mixed vegetables. I wouldn’t have got the kettle boiled for a cup of tea in that time.


My least used bike is going across the world with loved one on Saturday so that it can become my most used bike. So, it needed packing. I spent a happy half an hour in the shed taking my bike apart and stiffing it into one of my many bike bags. I’m hoping that the baggage handlers will treat it gently, we have been through a lot together and I feel that we will be having more adventures in the summer.


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