I was vaguely aware of a chocking sound early in the morning. It could have been a dream but it was more likely to be the cat. I rolled over and pretended it was a dream.

Lie In

I took advantage of the knowledge that the traffic on the motorway is lighter on a Friday to stay in bed longer. It was a calculated risk but one worth taking. I skipped breakfast as well to maximise the bed time. The only down side to this was the knowledge that the cat hat been sick on the floor.


There was a lot of stress and panic going on at work this morning. Someone had pressed the wrong button and something major had stopped working. A lot of people were pointing fingers and a lot of other people were trying to fix the problem. There were lies and disinformation bouncing around all over the place. It was all quite amusing especially as I knew the whole story.


I had to leave early today as I had a mission. I had to get home, pick up Loved One and take here to a shop. I was hoping that if I left at 3 I wouldn’t get tangled in the usual Friday evening traffic. I was wrong. I spent far too much time sitting in traffic queues for it to be healthy. The delay on the motorway had the knock-on effect of getting me tangled in the school traffic. I got home later than I had expected so had to refuse the offer of a cup of tea to whisk Loved One via the back lanes to the shop.


The ring had arrived. The jeweller had left a message for us to come and pick it up. Loved One had been a bit nervous about how it would look. She wasn’t sure if she had described exactly what she wanted. Once it was briefly on her finger and intertwined with the other ring I’d given her she was happy. Then came the paying for it. Visa winced as I handed over the card. The ring was put in a box, Loved One would have to wait until the proper time before she wore it again.


I like paella, I like it a lot and there is a Spanish restaurant in the nearby town that does a wonderful Paella. I had to book twenty-four hours in advance and tell them the time we would start eating the Paella. It was all worth it. The red-hot Paella dish arrived at the appointed time and was put down on the table with great ceremony. We worked our way through the mix of rice and seafood until we could eat no more. It was a glorious meal and I loved every mouthful.


We arrived back home to a bottle of wine, we found that we were so full that it was difficult to drink a glass of wine. We gave up and went to bed.


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