We went to the pool to do the tri club swim session. It was all about swim at a constant pace. Normally this is the sort of set that I like doing but I felt a little weighed down with last night’s Paella. I managed to keep to the pace right up to the final lengths. Then I lost it big time. I just couldn’t keep up with the pace. I stopped half way through the last bit as I was just falling short on the timings. I think it was the best thing to do. I still feel that I deserved the big cup of hot chocolate afterwards.


I took Loved One to the airport. It was time for her to return home. Hopefully this will be the last time that we say goodbye, next time we will be leaving together. Loved One was also taking one of my bikes back with her so that I’d have transport when I arrive. We were a little concerned that my bike would incur extra charges but the application of a knee under the bag made it appear lighter than it was. We stood at departures and said goodbye in the way that lovers do before parting ways. I may have had something in my eyes as I walked to the car.

Comfort eating

I got home and needed something to eat. There was a lot of chocolate in the house when I entered, there isn’t now.


I needed proper food so I wandered off to the supermarket. Food shopping whilst full of chocolate is a totally different experience than doing it directly after swimming when I hadn’t had breakfast. No of the usual extras made the cut.


Baking is always a good restorative. I made a Victoria sponge and some focaccia. I’ve no idea when I’ll eat it, the act of making it made it worthwhile. I made some hummus as well. I know what I’ll be eating for the next week or so.


I finished off the wine from last night before going to bed. It was a lot easier to drink tonight.


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