I’d not set the alarm but I came round at the usual time and laid there debating with myself if I really wanted to get out of bed. The debate continued after I’d made a cup of tea and gone back to bed. My energy levels were low but in the end I forced myself to get up, get dressed and drive to the pond


I got changed to the usual chorus of comments about being brave and not wearing a wetsuit. I’m sure it’s because I’m looking at the temperature in a different direction than everyone else, having swum in colder all winter. The water was pleasantly cold and not really worth making a fuss about. I set off round the course and quickly warmed up to my usual operating temperature. On the second loop, I may have seen a fish, it was very quick and I wasn’t totally sure but in may have been. There were tadpoles in the far corner as well. I debated swimming an extra loop but decided against it. I could feel the cold starting to take root and another loop would have led to a lot more shivering. As I left the water another person was entering without a wetsuit. He wasn’t looking too happy.


The shivers didn’t last too long thanks to a combination of tea and a very big down jacket.


This afternoon I went up to the Velodrome for another session of cycling very quickly round in circles. The advantage this time was that I actually knew what I was doing and I was using one of the hire bikes and not my under geared fixed bike. I Loved it. The sun came out and the racing started, it was fast and furious and a great way to end the session. I just wish I’d brought a drink with me. I was parched.


On the way back home we had to stop to allow a pigeon cross the road on a zebra crossing. I have no idea how it pressed the button.


My next-door neighbours had invited me round for dinner, Chicken, potatoes and far too much wine. Sleeping wasn’t a problem.


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