Yesterday’s swimming and cycling had taken its toll. I felt as if I was being held onto the bed by the weight of the covers. The inclination to leap out of bed was being held back. It took a herculean effort and a raging thirst got get me into the horizontal, washed shaved and out of the door. Breakfast was not an option.


I raided the fruit box at work at about half past ten. I’m not sure if the volume of fruit I have eaten is actually a good thing but I have no doubt it will keep me regular.


My boss was back in the office today after his holiday, understandably he wanted a quick chat about my resignation. All he really wanted to know was if it was prompted by anything he had done. It wasn’t but it may have been prompted by the many things that he hadn’t done


I left work at the earliest acceptable time as I felt too sleepy to carry on. I could feel the creeping tiredness as I drove home, I really didn’t feel safe. I was not sure that my eyes would reopen after each blink.


I got home and went to the bedroom to get changed, it took a long time to get changed and I woke myself with my own snoring. I did feel better for the sleep.


I finished off the apple crumble for tea. It may not be a healthy option but it was a very tasty option.


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